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Welcome to PolyPlanner

PolyPlanner is a required planning tool that enables students to select either their course choices or a message for future terms. These plans provide valuable course demand data to Cal Poly, and departments use the information to determine their future course offerings. PolyPlanner data improves course availability and helps students graduate on time.


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Compliance Guidelines

There are 2 required components each term:

  1. Login requirement—Log in at least once each term between the end of Add/Drop for the current term and the end of Add/Drop for the next term. The Add/Drop deadline falls on the 8th business day. Check important dates on Compliance Calendar (below) or the Office of the Registrar’s Calendars & Deadlines page.
  2. Planning requirement—Always have the current and future 2 terms planned. Update PolyPlanner any time your plans change. This alerts campus about your new course preferences. During registration Polyplanner data is exported directly to PASS.

Compliance Calendar and Enforcement

Year Registrations Term Login Window Terms Required
2016-17 Fall 2016 1/14/16 - 4/7/16 5:00pm Spring, Fall, Winter
  Winter 2017 4/8/16 - 10/3/16 5:00pm Fall, Winter, Spring
  Spring 2017 10/4/16 - 1/19/17 5:00pm Winter, Spring, Fall
2017-18 Fall 2017 1/20/17 - 4/12/17 5:00pm Spring, Fall, Winter
  Winter 2018 4/13/17 - 9/25/17 5:00pm Fall, Winter, Spring
  Spring 2018 9/26/17 - 1/18/18 5:00pm Winter, Spring, Fall

Non-compliant students are assigned the last appointment for the next registration round. Although PolyPlanner compliance standards are strictly enforced, non-compliant students can request an exception. Non-compliant students must demonstrate that their non-compliant status is due to circumstances beyond their control. The PolyPlanner Non-Compliant Exception Request Form is submitted online.

Contact Us

General Assistance:

Mustang Success Center

Phone: 805-756-6211


Technical Assistance:

Office of the Registrar

Phone: 805-756-6037


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